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Our mission is to enable frictionless co-creation across company borders, networks and society

A world of unlimited human potential
Multiply was born out of the idea that humans working together with AI can do a lot more. We believe that humans that co-create together with each other, empowered by AI, will be able to unlock their creativity and multiply their potential. That's why we're called Multiply.

Most of us still spend hours every day on repetitive work, time that could be spent doing more valuable tasks that create value for others and for our society.

Current AI tools are assistants that limit us to one-off instructions and copy-pasting. They're also mostly built for individuals, making it hard for teams to utilize the power of generative AI in a structured and efficient way.

We envision a suite of AI agents, working together with humans to eliminate repetitive work and emancipate humans to do more meaningful work.


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All our packages include online sessions with AI experts who help you create workflows, educate your team, and get maximum value of AI in your organization. We help you and your team to start using AI in an efficient, structured and collaborative way, and we support your team throughout the process.


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